Social Media Journalist

  • Company: EPP Group
  • Job Location: Brussels - Belgium
  • Internal reference: 2020/CA/3/FGIII
  • Date: October 16, 2020 09:57
  • Employment Type: temporary
  • Experience: medior
  • Job Functions:


Job summary

The Social Media Journalist fulfils a supranational function within the EPP Group Secretariat and carries out the following functions and duties:
Creating content around the parliamentary agenda;
Creating original content e.g. long form content, infographics and other formats (to be developed) around key themes that the EPP Group return to or cover repeatedly;
Maintaining posting and scheduling to all of the main social media channels;
Coordinating with the wider team in regards visual and video assets;
Reporting to the Editor of Social Media, assisting in scheduling upcoming original and campaign content in the content calendar;
Acting as a facilitator of change, clearly communicating and sharing best practices within and across teams.
The post of Social Media Journalist in the Secretariat of the EPP Group requires a high degree of availability (high frequency of meetings, irregular working hours), flexibility, good judgement, a methodical approach, discretion, adaptability to varying workloads as well as the capacity for teamwork in an international environment. Suitable candidates must, among other things, be capable of grasping wide-ranging problems and be able to respond rapidly to changing circumstances and communicate effectively.
Frequent travel outside the place of work is required, in particular several days per month in
Strasbourg during the plenary session.

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